What is Spirit Light Therapy



Photobiomodulation PBM, Low Level Light Therapy LLLT,  Biophoton therapy,  Polychromatic light therapy PLT, LED, Infrared Therapy, are all names used to describe this light treatment system. 

The device delivers infrared light to tissues resulting in pain relief, quicker healing of tissues and other therapeutic effects.

FDA cleared

Using a safe non-invasive, class II medical device that is  FDA cleared for clinical and home use, is a drug-free natural solution, with no negative side effects, that can help accelerate normal healing process, by Increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation and pain.

General users continually report benefits of light therapy with routine use.

A few typical uses of light therapy include: 

General pain relief, chronic inflammation, back and neck pain, golfers/tennis elbow, Strains and sprains, Arthritis, Memory issues, sleep issues, neuropathy, anti aging wrinkles, acne, headaches, daily/chronic stress, Depression and Anxiety, fractures/wounds, Muscle recovery after workout, traumatic brain injury TBI, post traumatic stress disorder PTS. Also great for sport injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome,  stiffness, ankle swelling, and  tissue repair.

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