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Kim-Marsden-nctmbKim Marsden, NCTMB

It’s nice to say that I have finally found my passion and I love what I do. My commitment to my clients and the passion in what I do drives me every day to continue to grow as a massage therapist.

I am a graduate of the Denver School of Massage Therapy and I have a total of 12 years practicing massage. I am also trained in Hot Stone Therapy and teaching Infant Massage.

As a caring therapist I will provide a warm, clean and professional environment that nurtures a healthy connection. My objective is to get to know you, discuss how massage can help you, and then customize the massage, just for you!

Although I practice the art of Swedish Massage I also enjoy working with intense focus on problem areas and Deep Tissue Massage. Other modalities I practice are Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, Trigger Point Therapy and Structural Bodywork.

My goal is to focus on client education and improving well being. I believe that nurturing attention to detail, combined with muscle manipulation and energy work may promote balance in both the mind and body.

I am happy and grateful to my clients, friends and family for being the wonderful people who teach me more about myself, healing and the body everyday.  ~Thank you.

To book an appointment with Kim, call 303-981-2824 
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josh-mageeJosh Magee, RMT

It is the ongoing drive for spiritual and energetic work that brings me to bodywork. Kundalini Yoga meditation training and 6 years of practical intuitive work provides guidance and insight into conditions that allows pinpoint accuracy and efficiency into the cause of a physical dysfunction. In most cases where the pain is, the cause isn’t. Finding the cause to a physical condition can be a puzzle without training and insight thus making the therapy a long drawn out process or relatively ineffective. That is the difference with my practice.

I recently graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy and I look to continue helping others find relief and a sense of well being from the everyday tensions the accumulate through living life. Watching how the body has the amazing ability to heal itself when brought back to balance inspires me to work with those who feel their condition is beyond reach or even a simple relaxing session. For me, continuing education is constant. What I find is that it’s driven by the needs of my clients. I must continually grow and expand in order to encompass the condition being presented. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals through Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, cranial sacral, trigger point, acupressure, shiatsu, injury, and structural reintegration.

To book an appointment with Josh, call 303-981-2824 
 Member of AMPB and Denver School of Massage Therapy.
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Lenea AdamsonLenea Adamson, LMT

Lenea is a recent graduate from the Denver school of massage therapy in Westminster Colorado. She enjoys providing deep tissue relaxation massage as well as focus sessions for injury and structural integration massage. Lenea’s main focus during a massage is to make her clients feel relaxed and comfortable as she helps to facilitate the body’s natural healing process by allowing the body to guide her to where the work is needed. To truly appreciate the healing power of massage you must feel how it affects you so please call and book your appointment with Lenea today!

To book an appointment with Loretta, call 303-981-2824 
 Member of AMPB .
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Thank you a zillions times. Thank you for taking care of me…and my Family & friends. Your passion & Love for others show in your work. Dana Thompson- Business Owner

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